Friday, December 13, 2013

"The Simple Things" crowd-funding campaign

CHOOSE Knowing "The Simple Things"

Simple energy effiicncy for ALL the places we live!

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___Campaign Update___

On “The Simple Things"campaign front there have been developments. I am partnering with and joining an eco-agency who will be helping to make this happen. I don't have any more detail at the moment but can say the project will be a great fit for them.

Once I entered into talks I stopped actively promoting the campaign. That is why there has been no activity since the holidays.

You can still support the campaign by contributing but the production timings will be later now. More on this when I have firm details.

I will be happy to provide refunds for anyone who finds this unacceptable.

___End of Campaign Update___

This is an infographic and demo video created for a new crowd-funding campaign CHOOSE Knowing: "The Simple Things". The infographic is a great example of how doing just one simple thing can make a profound difference.

You can find the campaign here or use the link below. I would very much appreciate the support!